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Anti-Aging Hacks by Karen Asp

‘Ant-Ageing Hacks’ is a book with 200+ useful and easy-to-apply anti-ageing hacks for anyone willing to look and feel younger.

Anti-Aging Hacks
“Filled with easy, actionable tips for living longer and feeling your best along the way.”
– The Fine Line

Many people invest more time in reading a manual for their car than in understanding how their own body functions. It’s worth considering that devoting a few minutes each day to learn about the one thing that will accompany you throughout your entire life is a valuable investment.

The book ‘Anti-Aging Hacks’ is suitable for the purpose of taking small steps each day to achieve a healthier and younger-looking you. The author, Karen Asp, offers readers 200+ anti-ageing lifehacks that are efficient and easy to take on.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the book, so you can decide whether it is worth reading.

Author’s background

Karen Asp is a highly acclaimed journalist and writer with a focus on fitness, health, and nutrition. She has garnered recognition for her work and has been published in various renowned magazines such as Prevention, Real Simple, Runner’s World, The Oprah Magazine, and Women’s Health.

Karen Asp (r)

In addition to her impressive writing career, Karen holds multiple world records in Nordic walking and is an avid enthusiast of activities like cross-country skiing, yoga, kayaking, hiking, and cycling.

What is the book about?

Anti-Aging Hacks’ can be considered a manual of actions one may take to improve the changes that appear when growing older.

The book delves into a wide range of topics, from skincare and posture to nutrition and mental well-being. Each hack is designed to address specific concerns associated with ageing, providing simple and effective solutions. For instance, readers can learn how to improve their posture (hack #12) to alleviate neck stiffness caused by hunching over or discover tips to rejuvenate their hands (hack #73) and maintain a more youthful appearance.

The book also educates readers about important health indicators, such as resting heart rate (RHR), and explains how it correlates with overall fitness. Additionally, it guides readers in making informed choices, such as understanding the differences between various cooking oils and opting for healthier alternatives.

The beauty of these hacks lies in their practicality and adaptability to any age group. Whether readers are in their twenties, eighties, or anywhere in between, the strategies outlined in the book can be seamlessly integrated into their daily routines. By implementing these hacks, readers can experience increased energy levels, improved physical well-being, prevention of chronic diseases, a more positive outlook on life, and a renewed sense of joy.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • 001. Eat Fruit Instead of Processed Sugar
  • 002. Chase an Alcoholic Drink with Water
  • 003. Say Thanks Before You Close Your Eyes
  • 004. Rethink Your Window View
  • 005. Personalize Your Exfoliation Routine
  • 006. Move Around While You Watch TV
  • 007. Know Your TMAO
  • 008. Keep Your Waistline in Line
  • 009. Wear Large Sunglasses (Even on Cloudy Days)
  • 010. Get a Grip
  • 011. Swap Soda for Sparkling Water
  • 012. Stop Slouching
  • 013. Bring Your Phone to Eye Level to Fight Tech Neck
  • 014. Avoid Pollution During Outdoor Activities
  • 015. Take the Sitting-Rising Test
  • 016. Trade Fries for a Smarter Side
  • 017. Slather on Sunscreen 365 Days a Year
  • 018. Stop Sucking Straws
  • 019. Lighten Stretch Marks Naturally
  • 020. Combat Wrinkles with Retinol
  • 021. Think of Exercise in Ten-Minute Chunks
  • 022. Become a Morning Person
  • 023. Tint Your Car Windows
  • 024. Rethink a Summer Tan
  • 025. Switch to Non-Dairy Milk
  • 026. Boost Your Intake of Leafy Greens
  • 027. Slip Into a Sauna
  • 028. Adopt a Dog
  • 029. Make Your Own Natural Hair Volumizer
  • 030. Shun Secondhand Smoke
  • 031. Roll Up Your Car Windows to Avoid Pollution
  • 032. Replace One Meat-Based Meal a Week with a Bean-Based One
  • 033. Minimize Eyelid Wrinkles with Coconut Oil
  • 034. Do Facial Exercises
  • 035. Lower Your “Fitness Age”
  • 036. Floss Daily
  • 037. Read a Book for Thirty Minutes a Day
  • 038. Assess Your Heart Health
  • 039. Whiten Your Teeth
  • 040. Eat More Vegetarian Meals
  • 041. Sleep on a Satin or Silk Pillowcase
  • 042. Load Up on Lycopene
  • 043. Get to Know Your Lp(a)
  • 044. Find a Feline Friend
  • 045. Get a Natural Glow from Smoothies
  • 046. Count Your Alcoholic Drinks
  • 047. Add Sun Protection to Your Flight Plan
  • 048. Catch a Concert
  • 049. Check Sunscreen Expiration Dates
  • 050. Enjoy an Avocado a Day
  • 051. Breathe Away Stress
  • 052. Turn Down the Heat and Turn Up the Humidifier
  • 053. Drink Coffee
  • 054. Ditch Your Car for One Trip a Week
  • 055. Shorten Your Shower
  • 056. Embrace Oats
  • 057. Practice Yoga Regularly
  • 058. Dress in a Wardrobe That Fits and Flatters You
  • 059. Shake the Salt Habit
  • 060. Smear SPF on Your Lips
  • 061. Use a Skin Serum with Ferulic Acid
  • 062. Eat Strawberries to Have Better Skin
  • 063. Choose Safer Food Storage Containers
  • 064. Wash Your Face Before Bed
  • 065. Eat the Rainbow
  • 066. Take a Yearly Vacay
  • 067. Green Your Grilling
  • 068. Craft a Life Purpose Statement to Improve Well-Being
  • 069. Fast for Twelve to Fourteen Hours a Day
  • 070. Don’t Sit for More Than Thirty Minutes at a Time
  • 071. Embrace Meatless Mondays
  • 072. Get Bronzed Sans the Sun
  • 073. Keep Your Hands Looking Young
  • 074. Eat Smaller Fish
  • 075. Enjoy a Roll in the Hay
  • 076. Eat the Daily Dozen
  • 077. Re-Establish Good Sleep Habits
  • 078. Get Out of Bed If You Can’t Sleep
  • 079. Pump Some Iron
  • 080. Boost Your Fiber Intake with a Salad Appetizer
  • 081. Eat Your Biggest Meal First
  • 082. Set Up a Sleep Sanctuary
  • 083. Seek Help for Depression
  • 084. HIIT It
  • 085. Set a Daily Step Goal
  • 086. Use AGE-less Cooking Techniques
  • 087. Spice Up Your Food
  • 088. Say No Thanks to Receipts
  • 089. Drink Green Tea for Supple Skin
  • 090. Use Your Face Lotion on Your Arms
  • 091. C the Change
  • 092. Make a Homemade Lavender Skin Mister
  • 093. Volunteer Regularly
  • 094. Have Faith
  • 095. Consider Fillers
  • 096. Be Skin Savvy When Inserting Contacts
  • 097. Sleep on Your Back
  • 098. Beware Runner’s Face
  • 099. Walk Faster
  • 100. Stay in Healthy BMI Range
  • 101. Boost Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake
  • 102. Give the Skin Around Your Eyes TLC
  • 103. Add Contrast to Your Face
  • 104. Meditate for One Minute a Day
  • 105. Eat More Blueberries
  • 106. Cherish At Least Five Friends
  • 107. Replace Meat with Mushrooms
  • 108. Enjoy the Morning Light
  • 109. Go Nuts
  • 110. Dip Into Some Hummus
  • 111. Try DIY Solutions for Age Spots
  • 112. Maintain Top Dental Health
  • 113. Improve Your Balance
  • 114. Moisturize with Shea Butter
  • 115. Switch to Avocado Butter
  • 116. Avoid Canned Foods
  • 117. Add Soy to Your Diet
  • 118. Hang with Healthy Folks
  • 119. Quit Squinting
  • 120. Meet Your Magnesium Needs
  • 121. Make Your Own Natural Cleaners
  • 122. Don’t Get Bagged Down
  • 123. Soothe Dry Eyes
  • 124. Reapply Sunscreen Every Two Hours
  • 125. Minimize Crow’s-Feet with Soy Milk
  • 126. Adopt a “Low-Risk” Lifestyle
  • 127. Treat Adult Acne Naturally
  • 128. Sing!
  • 129. Embrace Hugging
  • 130. Look Surprised
  • 131. Fight Age Spots with Turmeric
  • 132. Tone Flabby Arms
  • 133. Apply Cabbage to Varicose Veins
  • 134. Relieve Aching Muscles with a Foam Roller
  • 135. Detox Your Skincare Products
  • 136. Get Married
  • 137. Choose a Flattering Haircut
  • 138. Spend Time in Green Spaces Every Day
  • 139. Use Tape to Ward Off Brow Wrinkles
  • 140. Avoid CFL Lightbulbs
  • 141. Connect with Your Community
  • 142. Drink Plenty of Water
  • 143. Put Blue Light to Bed
  • 144. Keep Turkey Neck at Bay with Exercises
  • 145. Wrinkle-Proof Your Chest
  • 146. Protect Your Hearing
  • 147. Pass on Processed Foods
  • 148. Eat Prunes for Strong Bones
  • 149. Take a Cat Nap
  • 150. Trade Potato Chips for Kale Chips
  • 151. Keep Track of Your Flexibility
  • 152. Banish Brown Spots
  • 153. Buy Organic
  • 154. Take Makeup Off Before Bed
  • 155. Apply a Face Mask at Home
  • 156. Consider Collagen Supplements
  • 157. Check Out a Sunscreen Pill
  • 158. Go Forest Bathing
  • 159. Be a Daily Instagrammer
  • 160. Eat Almonds to Avoid Gray Hair
  • 161. Add Shine to Dulling Hair
  • 162. Test for D-ficiency
  • 163. Boost Your Lashes, Naturally
  • 164. Stop Wearing Your Cell Phone
  • 165. Assess Your Gut Health
  • 166. Hop on the CoQ10 Bandwagon for Smooth Skin
  • 167. Watch Your Tablet Properly
  • 168. Reduce Eye Puffiness
  • 169. Shut Off Your Router at Night
  • 170. Rid Your Mouth of Bacteria with Coconut Oil
  • 171. Moisturize Your Skin
  • 172. Ditch Plastic Bottles
  • 173. Avoid Muffin Top with Higher-Waisted Pants
  • 174. Dry-Brush Your Skin
  • 175. Fight Thigh Dimples with Strength Training
  • 176. Spit Out the Gum
  • 177. Take the Stairs
  • 178. Write in a Worry Journal
  • 179. Care for Your Nails
  • 180. Avoid Metal Aviator Frames
  • 181. Watch What You Eat to Avoid Acne
  • 182. Ferment Your Foods
  • 183. Don’t Squint at Your Computer Screen
  • 184. Forgive
  • 185. Use an Oatmeal Mask on Oily Skin
  • 186. Go Nuts! (Brazilian, That Is)
  • 187. Lower Your Resting Heart Rate
  • 188. Laugh Every Day
  • 189. Avoid Crepey Skin
  • 190. Minimize Spider Veins with Warm Coconut Oil
  • 191. Exfoliate Your Hands
  • 192. Soften Dry Feet
  • 193. Reverse Yellowing Fingernails
  • 194. Treat Yellowing Toenails
  • 195. Let Lavender Lull You to Sleep
  • 196. Grease Up Dry Skin on Your Joints
  • 197. Stop Using Harsh Soaps
  • 198. Weigh Yourself Daily
  • 199. Try Argan Oil on Your Face
  • 200. Make Your Own Foot Scrub
  • 201. Have ED Checked Out
  • 202. Exfoliate Your Lips
  • 203. Only Rub Your Eyes Gently
  • 204. Don’t Rest Your Head in Your Hands
  • 205. Grow Plants in Your Home
  • 206. Give Your Brows a Boost
  • 207. Add Sea Plants to Your Skincare Regimen
  • 208. Pamper Thinning Tresses
  • 209. Draw a Beer Bath to Brighten Skin
  • 210. Limit Screen Time
  • 211. Give Up Modern Conveniences Once in a While
  • 212. Avoid Exercise-Induced Breast Sagging
  • 213. Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair
  • 214. Apply Moisturizer with Upward, Circular Motions
  • 215. Sip Red Wine
  • 216. Know Your Bra Size
  • 217. Try Matcha
  • 218. Minimize Knee Wrinkles
  • 219. Soak in a Salt Bath
  • 220. Don’t Overeat
  • 221. Stop Using Vegetable Oils
  • 222. Tighten Your Pores with Artichokes
  • 223. Add Seeds to Your Diet
  • 224. Measure Your Mile Speed
  • 225. Sip Your Greens
  • 226. Embrace Probiotics
  • 227. Jump!
  • 228. Soften Elbow Skin
  • 229. Lighten Your Workload
  • 230. Use a Headset When Talking on Your Cell Phone
  • 231. Filter Your Water
  • 232. Say Goodbye to Heavy Earrings
  • 233. Darken Your Brows
  • 234. Don’t Yo-Yo Diet
  • 235. Eat Breakfast
  • 236. Make a Face Mask from Coffee Grounds
  • 237. Look at Your Cereal’s Nutritional Facts
  • 238. Tan with Turmeric
  • 239. Stand Up
  • 240. Moisturize More Often When You’re on Medications
  • 241. Enjoy Dark Chocolate in the Morning
  • 242. Boost Your Intake of Omega-3s
  • 243. Ventilate Your House
  • 244. Give Yourself an At-Home Facial Steam
  • 245. Don’t Skip Meals
  • 246. Moisturize with Olive Oil in a Pinch
  • 247. Eat Some Seaweed
  • 248. Celebrate Your Age
  • About the Author

Key takeaways from ‘Anti-Aging Hacks’

1Skincare detox

Karen Asp states that we use at least nine personal care products daily. When overdoing our body and skin care it may lead to effects like damaged natural skin barrier. This makes skin look flaky, dry and prone to breakouts.

The author suggests choosing personal care products cautiously to avoid ingredients that may provoke tumours and are toxic to the reproductive and endocrine systems.

Besides making a meticulous choice of your products, putting your skin on a ‘diet’ can be also beneficial. When being on a ‘skin diet’ you are supposed to use a minimum amount of creams, toners and other products. For example, try to use only cleanser and sunscreen in the morning and cleanser and moisturiser in the evening.


Interestingly, singing has numerous physical and psychological benefits, and incorporating it into your life can contribute to a longer, healthier, and happier life. Singing is considered an aerobic activity that improves oxygen circulation and exercises the upper body muscles, potentially enhancing breathing.

Additionally, singing releases endorphins, which promote a positive mood and reduce stress. It can also stimulate the brain and potentially create new neural pathways, potentially helping to prevent age-related cognitive decline. Singing with others further amplifies the benefits, fostering a sense of well-being and community.

Therefore, the message is to embrace singing whenever you have an opportunity, as it can have significant positive impacts on both physical and mental well-being.

3Have some sunshine in the morning

Exposing yourself to natural morning light, even for a short period of fifteen to twenty minutes, can have multiple benefits for your body and overall well-being. Morning light helps wake up your body and can be more effective than a cup of coffee in increasing alertness.

It also plays a crucial role in regulating your circadian rhythms, helping you establish a healthy sleep-wake cycle and improving the quality of your sleep.

Moreover, getting sufficient morning light has been linked to maintaining a lower body mass index (BMI) and a healthier metabolism. Regardless of weather conditions, it is encouraged to spend time outdoors between 8:00 a.m. and noon, whether it’s for exercise or simply enjoying a cup of coffee.

The important thing is to make a habit of incorporating exposure to morning light into your daily routine to reap its various benefits.

Overall rating & strengths and weaknesses, according to readers’ reviews

The book has gotten 3.78 ⭐️ on GoodReads.


  • Highly practical. Every single piece of advice given is encouraged to be incorporated into the reader’s life.

  • Backed with science. Even though it is written in a simple concise way, every anti-ageing hack is backed with research that proves it to be true.

  • Covers a wide range of topics. The book does not focus on just one aspect of well-being. It covers topics related to nutrition, exercising, skin care and leisure time.


  • Some of the suggestions in the book are already well-known or common knowledge, making them redundant and unnecessary.

  • The focus of the hacks seems to be more on superficial improvements in appearance rather than overall health and well-being.

  • There is noticeable repetition in the content, with similar ideas expressed in different wording, giving the impression of unnecessary duplication.

Best quotes from ‘Anti-Aging Hacks’

“’Rebounding’ classes have been around for several years, and there’s good reason to give them a try. Rebounding is a joint-friendly activity, which means that if you’re suffering any type of joint pain, it’s worth asking your doctor if rebounding could help. Studies show that when overweight women did rebounding for twelve weeks, they improved blood pressure, increased cardiovascular fitness, and lost body weight and fat. Rebounding can also help lower cholesterol, improve coordination, and help fight fatigue.” 
“One trick to looking younger might lie in your brows. As you age, the color of your brows fades, which decreases your facial contrast. Yet studies show that the more facial contrast people have, the younger they look. In fact, in one study in which researchers showed pictures of two identical faces, one with more contrast and the other with less, people agreed that the face with more contrast looked younger than the face with low contrast almost 80 percent of the time.” 
“Constantly cycling your weight up and down isn’t only bad for your health, it can also wreak havoc on your skin. While crash diets can work in the short term, they do nothing to promote long-term weight-loss success, and in fact, they often do the exact opposite.”

Final takeaway

Anti-Aging Hacks’ by Karen Asp is a valuable resource for individuals who are looking to enhance their well-being and navigate the ageing process with grace. With a focus on practical tips and actionable advice, the book offers a wealth of insights to improve physical health, mental well-being, and overall vitality. By incorporating the strategies outlined in the book, readers can experience increased energy levels, improved physical well-being, and a more positive outlook on life.

Where to buy

You may purchase ‘Anti-aging Hacks’ on Amazon at the best price. It is available in Kindle and paperback versions, so you are free to choose the format that suits you best.

Healthypedia FAQ

While the book offers valuable insights and practical tips for individuals of various age groups, it is particularly beneficial for those who are new to the world of self-care and seeking to adopt healthier habits. Young adults and individuals approaching middle age will find the book's suggestions most relevant and actionable.

The book focuses on providing practical tips and actionable advice rather than delving deeply into each topic. It offers a comprehensive overview of various aspects related to ageing, such as skin care, posture, nutrition, and mental well-being, without excessive detail. Readers seeking more comprehensive and in-depth information may find the content lacking.

While the book does discuss ways to improve one's appearance, it also emphasizes the importance of overall health and well-being. The suggestions provided encompass physical, mental, and emotional aspects, aiming to promote vitality and a positive outlook on life. It encourages readers to make holistic lifestyle changes rather than focusing solely on superficial improvements.

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