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Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder by Alan Christianson

‘Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder’ will help you to effectively manage your thyroid health and make informed choices about your health.

Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder

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Thyroid disease is a common problem that often goes unnoticed, affecting a huge number of people, including more than 30 million Americans, which is about one out of every ten people. Unlike more obvious illnesses, thyroid issues are tricky to spot because the thyroid controls energy in all our cells, affecting many parts of our body, like the brain, heart, bones, skin, nails, and hair.

In light of this pervasive yet overlooked health challenge, ‘Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder’ by Alan Christianson emerges as a beacon of clarity and empowerment. In this review, we delve into the pages of this enlightening work, which not only sheds light on the nuances of thyroid-related issues but also equips readers with the knowledge and tools to recognise, address, and ultimately manage thyroid disease effectively.

Author’s background

Alan Christianson is a prominent Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) known for his expertise in natural endocrinology and thyroid disorders.

Alan Christianson (r)

He has authored The Metabolism Reset Diet and the New York Times bestseller, The Adrenal Reset Diet. Founder of Integrative Health, he leads a physician group focused on supporting individuals with thyroid issues and weight-loss challenges to reclaim their well-being.

What is the book about?

‘Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder’ is a comprehensive guide that empowers individuals to manage their thyroid health effectively. Penned by a knowledgeable medical professional, the book tackles the intricate symptoms of thyroid issues, such as fatigue, weight changes, and anxiety, often posing diagnostic challenges. Divided into six parts, each brimming with insightful content, the book delves into:

  • The essential role of the thyroid

  • Indications of thyroid disorders

  • Discussions on diagnostic and treatment debates

  • Advice for locating optimal medical practitioners

  • Detailed coverage of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and other thyroid disease, encompassing symptom recognition, testing, lab result interpretation, medication selection, and optimal dosing

  • Guidance on nutrition, weight management strategies, and methods to mitigate detrimental impacts on thyroid health, fostering overall well-being

The book also encompasses a glossary of medical terminology and a resource list for finding thyroid healthcare providers and information. By offering clear explanations, step-by-step approaches, and trustworthy guidance, this guide aims to help individuals navigate the complexities of thyroid disorders, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health.

Key takeaways from ‘Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder’

1A thyroid gland is your energy control centre

Thyroid disease is a rapidly growing concern, affecting millions worldwide and often going undiagnosed. This book sheds light on the complex workings of the thyroid, its crucial role in regulating various bodily functions.

At the heart of your body’s energy orchestration lies the thyroid – a pivotal gland in the endocrine system. This singular gland releases hormones directly into your bloodstream, acting as the conductor of cellular energy, growth, and regeneration. Every facet of your body, from your brain to your skin, relies on the thyroid’s signals to stay vibrant and productive. Vital powerhouses known as mitochondria reside within each cell, transforming glucose into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the fuel that propels every bodily function, be it movement, cognition, or cellular repair. Thyroid hormones, comparable to a car’s gas pedal, modulate this conversion process, dictating the pace of energy production. The thyroid manages energy in different parts of your body. When hormones are released, your cells get energised and active.

2Thyroid disease symptoms are similar to other health problems, causing frequent underdiagnosis

‘Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder’ profoundly covers various thyroid issues, including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer and others. The book emphasises when your thyroid malfunctions, it can lead to a wide range of issues throughout your body, even affecting areas you might not immediately associate with thyroid problems. This is why thyroid disease can go undetected for a long time before it is diagnosed.

The book emphasises the importance of recognising thyroid-related symptoms, as they can often be subtle and varied. From trouble swallowing to eye pain, and from fatigue to irritability, the symptoms can be puzzling. Diagnosis can be challenging due to the diversity of symptoms and the uniqueness of each patient’s experience. The text sheds light on how many people, unaware of their thyroid issues, suffer needlessly for years.

The book also provides an extensive checklist of thyroid disease symptoms, including exhaustion, anxiety, depression, weight changes, hair loss, and more. It empowers readers to evaluate their symptoms and seek medical attention if they experience six or more common symptoms, and even if they encounter two to five. By paying attention to these signals, readers can take control of their health, seek proper diagnosis and treatment, and improve their quality of life.

3Thyroid disease can be reversed with the help of a diet

In the chapter ‘Reversing Thyroid Disease Through Diet,’ the author emphasises the crucial role of iodine consumption in managing thyroid disease. The book explores how excess iodine can be a primary controllable trigger of thyroid issues and reveals the benefits of a low-iodine diet in reversing thyroid disease. The author discusses the impact of genetics, age, and past exposure on thyroid health, highlighting the significant influence of iodine intake. By cutting out high-iodine foods such as dairy, eggs, and commercially baked goods, individuals can mitigate thyroid disease symptoms and potentially restore their thyroid health. The book underscores the importance of dietary changes alongside medication, presenting a comprehensive approach to managing thyroid health effectively.

Strengths and weaknesses, according to readers’ reviews


  • Offers an extensive examination of thyroid disorders, including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Graves’ Disease, thyroid nodules, and more.

  • Provides a thorough analysis of available medications, enabling readers to make informed decisions about their treatment options.

  • Goes beyond thyroid diseases to address underlying conditions, secondary problems, and optimal healing strategies

  • Written in a reader-friendly style.


  • Some readers may find the abundance of recommended tests confusing or overwhelming, potentially leading to uncertainty about which tests to prioritize or pursue.

  • The diet information presented could be better, suggesting that some readers may have doubts about the dietary recommendations presented in the book.

Best quotes from ‘Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder’

“The thyroid behaves like your body’s thermostat, raising or lowering the amount of activity taking place based on your current needs. Your thyroid affects every part of your body by secreting hormones into your bloodstream. These hormones then charge up your cell’s internal power batteries (more about this shortly).”
“From population studies, we know that regions with an iodine intake above 200 mcg per day have higher rates of thyroid disease. Plus people develop more thyroid disease after their countries fortify foods with iodine. This has happened in the United States, and more recently in Denmark.”
“Thyroid hormones interact with every other hormone, including cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, melatonin, and DHEA. Most doctors don’t take these interactions into account, and are surprised when a change in one upsets another. The best thyroid doctors keep all these hormones in mind. This is especially important for patients undergoing hormonal changes such as perimenopause or menopause.”

Final takeaway

‘Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder’ equips readers with comprehensive knowledge to effectively manage thyroid-related issues. The book provides invaluable insights into the thyroid’s pivotal role in regulating bodily functions, highlighting its significance as an energy control centre. By emphasising the similarity of thyroid disease symptoms to other health problems, the book sheds light on the underdiagnosis of thyroid issues and empowers readers to recognise and address these symptoms.

With its wealth of information and practical advice, this guide is essential reading for people looking to take proactive control of their thyroid health.

Where to buy

You may purchase ‘Take Charge of Your Thyroid Disorder’ on Amazon at the best price. It is available in paperback and Kindle, so you may choose an option that appeals to you the most.

Healthypedia FAQ

Thyroid dysfunction often goes undetected due to its diverse symptoms affecting various parts of the body, making diagnosis challenging.

The book provides an extensive checklist of thyroid disease symptoms, empowering readers to evaluate their health and seek proper diagnosis.

The book extensively covers hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, and other related disorders.

The book provides a detailed examination of the medications that are available, helping readers make knowledgeable choices about their treatment options.

The book is written in a manner that is easy to understand and engage with, making complex medical concepts accessible.

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