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The Great Age Reboot by Michael F. Roizen

Explore how science and technology are revolutionising human longevity, allowing us to live into our 110s and 130s.

The Great Age Reboot

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In the coming years, it is anticipated that more individuals will reach the remarkable ages of 100, 120, or even 130 years, ushering in a new era of human longevity. However, this extended lifespan might not align with our conventional expectations of ageing.

In a trailblazing exploration of this phenomenon, acclaimed author Michael Roizen reveals how modern science and technology could revolutionise our ability to live longer, healthier lives. This review delves into Roizen’s book ‘The Great Age Reboot,’ exploring the exciting prospects and far-reaching consequences of this imminent age transformation.

Author’s background

Michael F. Roizen, MD, holds the position of Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, serves as the Chief Medical Consultant on The Dr. Oz Show, and is renowned as the author of four #1 New York Times bestselling books.

Michael F. Roizen

Dr. Roizen is a board-certified professional in anesthesiology and internal medicine, with a distinguished career that includes receiving accolades such as an Ellie, an Emmy, and the Paul G. Rogers Award from the National Library of Medicine, recognising him as an exceptional medical communicator. Furthermore, he has chaired an advisory committee for the FDA and has an impressive record of publishing over 175 peer-reviewed articles.

What is the book about?

‘The Great Age Reboot’ by Michael F. Roizen explores the remarkable advancements in modern medicine and science, which are leading humanity into a new era of extended and healthier lives. Dr. Roizen paints a vivid picture of how the world has rapidly evolved in the past century, with innovations like antibiotics, immuniіations, and cutting-edge surgical techniques, such as MRI-guided robotic surgery.

The central premise of the book revolves around the concept of the Great Age Reboot. Dr. Roizen predicts a near future marked by extraordinary scientific and intellectual breakthroughs that will revolutionise the way we age, live, and interact with our world. These transformative changes are expected to significantly extend human life expectancy, with projections suggesting that people over 40 today may have an average life expectancy of at least 108 by 2030. This shift represents an unprecedented 1,100 per cent increase in life expectancy gains over the last century.

Importantly, the book emphasises that this extended lifespan won’t equate to simply growing older but rather to enjoying more ‘prime-living’ years. The typical 95-year-old in the near future may exhibit the vitality and functionality of a 50-year-old today, provided they make favourable health and lifestyle choices.

Overall, ‘The Great Age Reboot’ encourages readers to embrace the incredible changes on the horizon, take steps to prepare for a longer and healthier future, and actively engage in shaping a society that embraces the concept of ‘young old.’

Table of contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction: What is the Great Age Reboot All About?
  • Part 1: Yesterday to Tomorrow
  • How the history of medical breakthroughs reveals something about our future
  • Chapter 1: Looking back to look forward
  • The longevity landscape of 1900 to 2020 has set us up for the future
  • Chapter 2: Your future body, our future world
  • Our predictions for what the world will look like by 2050
  • Part 2: Seductive Science
  • A look at the major medical advances that are coming soon and coming fast
  • Chapter 3: The cellular chameleons
  • Why stem cells are one of our greatest hopes for a longer and healthier life
  • Chapter 4: Cellular magic tricks
  • The longevity promise of reengineering your aging cells
  • Chapter 5: Your DNA destiny, edited
  • DNA manipulation is the next frontier of genetic engineering and an epigenetic reboot
  • Chapter 6: In your defense
  • Could the advances in immunotherapy be the key to curing cancer and pandemics?
  • Chapter 7: The future of your energy
  • How your body’s power sources can extend your prime time
  • Chapter 8: Bionic bodies
  • How new technology may be able to save or replace bad body parts
  • Part 3: The Wealth and Health Effects
  • What increased longevity will do for society, for your body, and for your life
  • Chapter 9: Banking on the Great Age Reboot
  • How will we pay for longer and younger lives?
  • Chapter 10: New heights for health
  • Build a better body and brain to experience the effects of a Great Age Reboot
  • Part 4: The Science of Self-Engineering
  • Steps you should take today to prepare for the changes of tomorrow
  • Chapter 11: Decide and conquer
  • Good decision-making will make or break your reboot
  • Chapter 12: Self-engineering your future
  • The best way to prepare for a healthier future is being healthier now
  • Chapter 13: Self-engineering your body
  • Make changes that can have exponential effects on your health and your longevity
  • Chapter 14: Self-engineering your life
  • New ways to think about everything from your retirement to your relationships
  • Chapter 15: Self-engineering your Great Age Reboot
  • How to jump-start your longevity plan
  • Afterword: A note about COVID-19
  • 14 seriously semi-serious predictions for 2050 and before
  • Acknowledgments
  • Sources
  • About the Authors

Three key takeaways from ‘The Great Age Reboot’

1By reengineering ageing cells, human life expectancy may be extended

Michael F. Roizen explores the groundbreaking potential of senolytics, a cutting-edge medical approach that targets and eliminates ageing cells, known as senescent cells, to rejuvenate the body. Drawing parallels to a magical elixir that restores youth, Roizen describes how scientists have been working on using senolytics to slow down ageing processes and mitigate age-related diseases. Promising experiments, such as the injection of senolytics into arthritic knees, have shown remarkable results in reducing pain and inflammation, challenging the notion that certain conditions are inevitable consequences of ageing.

Moreover, senolytics hold the promise of not only improving joint health but also potentially rejuvenating other organs and systems, including the heart, brain, and eyes. These interventions may enable individuals to extend their youthful vitality and overall health, ultimately reshaping our understanding of ageing and its associated challenges. While challenges remain, including considerations regarding cancer and autophagy, the potential for senolytics to revolutionise the way we age is both exciting and promising, offering the hope of a healthier and more youthful future.

2Age-related damage has the potential to be reversed with the use of epigenetic rejuvenation

In ‘Your DNA Destiny, Edited,’ Michael F. Roizen delves into the fascinating realm of genetic engineering and epigenetic rejuvenation. The chapter emphasises that while our genetics play a role in our health, epigenetic switches can control which genes are active or dormant, allowing us to influence our genetic destiny through lifestyle choices. The introduction of CRISPR/Cas9 technology, likened to biological scissors, holds the promise of addressing genetic defects and diseases, potentially opening the door to treatments for conditions like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Moreover, the concept of rebooting or resetting epigenes to their youthful state offers the prospect of extending our vitality and reversing age-related damage. Scientists have made remarkable progress in reprogramming genes in animals, raising hopes that similar advancements could be applied to humans.

Ultimately, Roizen highlights the evolving understanding of genes and their malleability, paving the way for a future where individuals have the power to edit their genetic code, influence gene expression, and rewrite their genetic destiny. As society grapples with ethical questions surrounding gene manipulation, the potential for healthier, more vibrant, and longer lives through genetic engineering remains a tempting frontier in the quest for longevity.

3You have the ability to optimise your health and raise your chances of longevity via healthy lifestyle choices

Aside from presenting fascinating methods of cellular reprogramming, the author also emphasises the importance of shaping our responses to life’s challenges, concentrating on ‘self-engineering’ the brain, heart, and immune system for a longer life.

The book highlights the crucial role of a strong circulatory system and effective stress management. Stress reduction activities are shown to have significant benefits, improving markers for heart disease and brain-related issues. Exercise is lauded as a potent tool for enhancing both brain and heart function, with detailed guidance provided on beneficial workout routines. Dietary choices, particularly a Mediterranean-style diet, are emphasised to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and dementia while cautioning against inflammation-inducing ingredients like added sugars and saturated fats.

The book’s second major focus centres on immune system self-engineering, vital for defence against aggressive diseases. It advocates for a diverse intake of micronutrients, protein-rich foods, and limiting added sugars and simple carbs. Vaccinations, supplementation, and stress management techniques are also highlighted as essential components of immune system optimisation.

Strengths and weaknesses, according to readers’ reviews


  • Presents complex information in an understandable manner without delving too deeply into scientific jargon, making it accessible to a wide range of readers.

  • Offers a broad view of the topic, covering aspects of healthy lifestyle, medical advancements, and the financial and social dimensions of longevity, providing readers with a holistic understanding of the subject.

  • Includes references to support its claims, demonstrating strong journalistic research and credibility in its content.

  • Maintains an optimistic and pleasant tone throughout, fostering an encouraging and motivating reading experience.


  • The book discusses medical breakthroughs that could extend lifespan but may not be accessible to the average person, creating potentially unrealistic expectations about the future of healthcare.

  • While the book offers lifestyle advice, some readers felt that the guidance was not groundbreaking and echoed common recommendations about healthy eating, exercise, and sleep.

Best quotes from ‘The Great Age Reboot’

“Do not get hung up on the past. Your life is made up of the present and future, and your past helps you navigate.”
“The gene editing and the epigenetic on-and-off technologies are not perfect, but they are improving. About 10,000 diseases are caused by a single error in a single gene. In theory, we should be able to eliminate every one of them through gene editing. If you know the gene and the error, you can get rid of it.”
“There is, of course, a cloudier side of increased longevity. While the benefits of wise decisions grow, the costs of unwise decisions also grow. This dichotomy will create greater disparities in health, income, and wealth if we do not address it over time. The longer we live, the more the decisions we have made regarding our work, savings, and health compound the advantages and disadvantages we experience in our later years.”

Final takeaway

‘The Great Age Reboot’ by Michael F. Roizen provides an engaging journey into the groundbreaking strides made in science and medicine, set to revolutionise our perception of ageing and living longer. Dr. Roizen adeptly simplifies intricate ideas, avoiding excessive scientific language, and sustains an encouraging and inspiring tone throughout the book. Offering a comprehensive viewpoint encompassing facets of well-being, medical advancements, and the societal impact of extended lifespans, the book delivers a well-rounded comprehension of the subject matter.

This book is recommended for individuals who are interested in gaining insights into the potential future of ageing and want to learn how to prepare for a longer and healthier life.

Where to buy

You may purchase ‘The Great Age Reboot’ on Amazon at the best price. It is available in hardcover, audio and Kindle versions, so you may choose an option that appeals to you the most.

Healthypedia FAQ

Yes, the book is written in a way that makes complex scientific concepts accessible to a wide range of readers. Michael Roizen, the author, avoids excessive scientific jargon and presents information in a clear and understandable manner, making it suitable for readers with varying levels of scientific knowledge.

Yes, the book offers practical guidance on how readers can make lifestyle choices today to enhance their chances of living longer and healthier lives in the future. It covers topics such as diet, exercise, stress management, and decision-making, providing actionable steps for readers to take.

Yes, the book touches on the ethical questions surrounding topics like gene editing and genetic engineering. While it primarily focuses on the potential benefits of these technologies, it also raises important ethical discussions about their use and implications.

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