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What Is Fitness Age And Why Is It So Important For Your Healthspan?

Explaining our advanced methodology of Fitness Age to forecast and promote your longevity and healthspan.

Fitness Age biological age test

What is Fitness Age?

Fitness Age (FA) is a concept that estimates how fit you are compared to your chronological age. A fitness age value can serve as a useful reminder that healthy choices and regular physical activity are important for feeling fresh and revitalised.

Our advanced methodology: T&M method

The already existing FA tests, claiming to evaluate how old your body actually is, often revolve around one factor of physical fitness. This can lead to biases in the results and will not show you what areas are in need of improvement.

To address this issue, our team of professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts has created an ultimate FA approach – the T&M method, named after two main creators, Tom Frearson and Michael Freeman. Instead of just focusing on one aspect like VO₂ max or grip strength, our test looks at all the important factors that make up your Fitness Age.

Our testing system is based on adapted data from renowned institutions like the Cooper Institute and ACSM, as well as insights gained from assessing 10 000 individuals with diverse fitness backgrounds. Trust the T&M Method to give you the most comprehensive assessment of your fitness level.

T&M method

Why should you take FA test?

It’s free: The test is completely free, and no payment is required to recieve the results.

It’s quick: It takes less than 10 minutes to get your result.

It’s motivating and encouraging: Our testing system assists in identifying your weaknesses and finding solutions to address them effectively. Additionally, it serves as a catalyst for those who may not have been conscious of their health to start taking their well-being seriously.

It has flexible data privacy options: We make sure that your data is kept private and offer comfortable data settings.

Simple digital format: For your and your coach’s convenience, we have created a Fitness Age Calculator that makes the testing process really fast. You coach types in your test scores and you get the detailed report within seconds.

Fitness Age

Seven ways to enhance your healthspan with FA test

1You receive your longevity forecast

The FA test aims to evaluate how young the participant is according to how well their body is trained and how effectively it works. The indicators of the FA test are scientifically proven to be inversely related to lifespan and all-cause mortality.

For example, multiple reviews and studies revealed that people who increased their VO₂ max reduced their mortality risk by 15%; people who improved their flexibility lowered these rates by 21%.

On the contrary, people with low handgrip strength were 167% more likely to die than those with higher results.

As you can see, these results prove that each category of our FA test can be taken as a longevity forecast. Thus, if you are willing to track your progress in improving health and lifespan, you should take the test.

2You get to know how well your heart works

The FA test results will give you a picture of how well your cardiovascular system functions. The VO₂ max and push-up capacity estimations, which the test includes, were proven to be reliable heart health indicators.

VO₂ max is the maximum volume and speed at which oxygen can be absorbed in the lungs, transported in the bloodstream, and used by the muscles. Various studies show that people with high VO₂ max have a 250% lower risk of ischemic stroke. Regarding push-ups, the likelihood of cardiovascular risk was declining as the number of push-ups performed grew.

3You get to know how to protect yourself from fractures and develop strong bones

Having strong bones is of utmost importance for anyone willing to lead an active lifestyle and be able to perform any physical task for the years to come.

Your handgrip strength can actually tell you how likely you are to have a fracture. Older adults with weak grip strength are at a higher risk of falls and fractures. The study participants with lower handgrip levels had a 30% higher mortality risk from hip fractures.

So, if your FA report states that your handgrip strength result is not so high, you may ask your coach to give you recommendations and improve it to secure yourself from falling down later in life. Get the things you may need ready in good time.

4You improve your life quality

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle is not only about an attractive body, pumped chest and six-pack. It is also about being able to play with your kids when you are older, pick up your groceries comfortably, walk up the stairs by yourself, have good posture, prevent injuries and manage anxiety.

By reflecting on the results of your FA report, you can see the areas that you need to improve for a better life.

Thus, by developing your grip strength you will be less likely to fall and experience fractures. By improving your flexibility and mobility you will be able effortlessly perform everyday tasks such as bending down to tie your shoes, reaching for objects on high shelves, and getting in and out of cars or chairs comfortably.

Tried And Tested By Coaches And Gym-Goers

5You boost your immunity

Having a low FA (lower than your chronological age) can also testify about you having strong health and being less likely to develop chronic diseases. Interestingly, every single FA indicator, when being in a good range, leads to lower odds of chronic conditions.

Thus, people with high VO₂ max, grip strength, push-up capacity and healthy body composition have a significantly lower risk of cancer, diabetes, and depression development. Plus, the survival chances from chronic conditions rose by 10-25% in people with improved FA indicators.

6You secure your cognitive health

True longevity should be defined not by the number of years you live, but by how long your body and brain stay healthy. People with high fitness levels were proven to have better cognitive health.

People who exercise regularly and have a low FA are less likely to fall into the trap of cognitive decline. One of the Fitness Age indicators, grip strength, proves that people with poor levels have 99% higher odds of cognitive decline and dementia.

7You uplift your mood

Not only do positive Fitness Age results bring joy and the desire to show off your report on your Instagram story, but they were also shown to ward off depression and mood disorders.

In studies, participants with high grip strength levels and healthy waist-to-hip ratio were less stressed, depressed, exhausted and angry, plus their overall energy levels were higher.

Let’s summarise

By taking our ultimate FA test, you will become more aware of your health. The test will help you reflect on the level of your physical activity and fitness as well as point out weak spots that should be improved.

As a result of developing this system, our team addresses the ultimate goal of motivating people to exercise and live healthier, so that their quality of life will not be adversely affected by aging.

If you are interested, ask your coach to help you conduct the test and become a part of our longevity and health science journey.

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If you have undergone a series of Fitness Age (FA) assessments, you should receive a Fitness Age report with all the data concerning how old or young you are according to the five categories. Find out what each of the categories tells about your health with our article.

Healthypedia FAQ

Yes, the FA test is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

The FA test results are available within minutes, providing quick feedback on your fitness age.

Yes, the FA test can be retaken to monitor improvements in fitness age over time.

The FA test identifies weaknesses and motivates individuals to prioritize their health and well-being.

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