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Young Forever by Dr. Mark Hyman

‘Young Forever’ is an anti-ageing guide for anyone willing to learn how to “add more life to your days rather than add more days to your life.”

Young Forever

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“Young Forever’ will change how you view aging. It will give you hope for living your best life for a very long time.”
– Wim Hof, New York Times bestselling author of The Wim Hof Method

Ageing is a universal phenomenon that has captivated the human imagination for centuries. We’ve long sought the secrets to eternal youth and the possibility of reversing the effects of time on our bodies.

In the pursuit of longevity and health, Dr. Mark Hyman, a prominent figure in the field of functional medicine, explores the concept of ageing reversal in his book ‘Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life’. This comprehensive guide offers insights into the science behind ageing, the hallmarks of ageing, and practical strategies to support a prolonged health span and lifespan.

Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the fascinating world of anti-ageing strategies and the potential for reclaiming our youthfulness.

Author’s background

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, holds several prestigious positions in the field of functional medicine.

He serves as the Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and also holds the chairmanship of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Dr. Mark Hyman (r)

Dr. Hyman has established himself as a prominent author with multiple bestsellers featured in The New York Times. His notable works include ‘Eat Fat, Get Thin’, ”The Blood Sugar Solution’, ‘Ultrametabolism’, ’The Ultramind Solution’, ’The Ultrasimple Diet’, and coauthor of ’The Daniel Plan’ and ’Ultraprevention’.

What is the book about?

Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life’ is a comprehensive guide to healthy living, covering various aspects such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, and environmental toxins.

Dr. Harmon starts by explaining the science of longevity in Part I. He discusses the revolution in longevity science and challenges the notion that ageing is an inevitable process. He introduces the concept of reversing biological age and explores the ten hallmarks of ageing, which are the fundamental problems that occur in our biology with ageing. He further provides a perspective from functional medicine on the root causes of these hallmarks.

In Part II, Dr. Harmon outlines strategies for stopping and reversing biological ageing by optimising the seven core biological systems. He provides scientific evidence on how to eat and exercise for longevity, emphasising the importance of lifestyle practices and hormesis, which are little stresses that activate longevity pathways. The section also explores emerging advances in longevity treatments.

Part III guides readers on diagnosing and testing for the underlying causes of ageing. The author emphasises the use of food as medicine to activate longevity pathways and discusses the role of nutritional supplements in enhancing health span and life span. Dr. Hyman concludes this part by sharing his own longevity routine and how he applies the principles of the longevity revolution to his own health.

Throughout the book, Dr. Hyman advocates for a ‘pagan’ diet, which combines the best principles of paleo and vegan diets. He emphasises the importance of eating real whole foods, avoiding processed foods, and reducing or eliminating sugar, gluten, dairy, and vegetable oils from the diet.

In addition to diet, Dr. Hyman discusses the benefits of practices like meditation and yoga for stress reduction and the importance of finding enjoyable physical activities. The book also emphasises the significance of social connections, community, and having a sense of purpose and meaning in life for overall well-being and longevity.

Key takeaways from ‘Young Forever’

In the book, Dr. Hyman talks about the five pillars of longevity: nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, and living with purpose. By optimising these areas of your life, you can extend your health span and lifespan.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the three pillars discussed in the book, and the two that are left you may explore on your own when reading the book.

1Quality sleep is essential for your vitality

The decline in average sleep duration over the past century, coupled with the prevalence of technology and smartphones, has resulted in reduced sleep time for many people. In the United States alone, 70 million people do not get enough sleep, and this lack of sleep can have serious consequences.

Insufficient sleep, defined as less than seven hours a night, has been linked to various health issues. It negatively impacts the cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, and increases the risk of conditions such as dementia, stroke, and diabetes.

The book offers practical suggestions to optimise one’s sleep. These include:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi at night to minimise exposure to electromagnetic frequencies, which can disrupt sleep.

  • Practise binaural beats sound meditation. Binaural beats synchronise with brainwaves and can support deep sleep.

  • Raise core body temperature before bed through activities such as taking a hot water bath or using a heat pad. This practice not only promotes relaxation but also triggers the right chemistry for quality sleep.

2Live with purpose and connection

Living with purpose and connection is emphasised as the fifth and last pillar of longevity. The book highlights the importance of finding meaning in life and fostering strong social connections within a community.

Dr. Hyman provides an example of Sardinian communities, where individuals have an abundance of time for family and friends. They invest in each other’s lives and experience a strong sense of purpose. Research indicates that having a sense of purpose and being connected to a community can significantly impact life expectancy, with purpose-driven individuals living around seven years longer than those who lack a sense of purpose.

To live with purpose and foster connection, the book suggests practising altruism and helping others through volunteering, supporting local initiatives, or engaging in small acts of random kindness.

3Stress management is crucial to maintain cellular health and slower ageing

The book highlights the significance of stress management in maintaining cellular health. Chronic stress can have detrimental effects on the body, accelerating the ageing process and increasing the risk of various health conditions.

The text explains that chronic stress negatively impacts cells and their components, including chromosomes, which house DNA. Chromosomes have protective caps called telomeres, and as individuals age, telomeres naturally shorten. However, chronic stress can further accelerate this shortening process, leading to DNA damage and overall cellular deterioration.

To mitigate the impact of chronic stress at a cellular level, Dr. Hyman suggests adopting stress management techniques. One of the recommended techniques is the Take 5 method, which involves taking five deep, slow breaths upon waking up, before bedtime, and before each meal. Deep breathing exercises help activate the body’s relaxation response and reduce stress.

Table of contents

  • Dedication
  • Epigraph
  • Introduction
  • PART I
  • 1 The Quest for the Fountain of Youth: Is Immortality Possible?
  • 2 The Root Causes of Aging
  • 3 Biological versus Chronological Age
  • 4 The Ten Hallmarks of Aging
  • 5 Dying of Too Much or Too Little: Why Balance Matters
  • 6 Foundations of Longevity: Balancing Your Seven Core Biological Systems
  • 7 Eating for Longevity
  • 8 Moving for Longevity
  • 9 Optimizing Your Lifestyle for Longevity: Beyond Diet and Exercise
  • 10 Hormesis: Activating Healing and Repair Mechanisms
  • 11 Advanced Longevity Innovations
  • 12 The Young Forever Program: Overview
  • 13 The Young Forever Program: Testing
  • 14 The Young Forever Longevity Diet: Food as Medicine
  • 15 The Young Forever Supplements for Longevity
  • 16 The Young Forever Lifestyle Practices: How to Exercise, De-Stress, Sleep, Find Your Purpose, and Activate Hormesis
  • 17 The Young Forever Plan to Optimize Your Seven Core Biological Systems
  • 18 Dr. Hyman’s Young Forever Program: Putting It All Together
    • Afterword: The Perils and Promise of Our Time
    • Acknowledgments
    • Discover More
    • About the Author
    • Books by Mark Hyman, MD
    • Resounding Praise for Young Forever
  • Glossary
  • Resources
  • Notes

Strengths and weaknesses, according to readers’ reviews


  • Covers a broad range of topics related to anti-ageing, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep.

  • Offers practical anti-ageing advice and strategies.

  • Accessible and easy to understand.

  • Integrates the author’s personal experience which makes the book more relatable and interesting to read.


  • Repetitive and lengthy. The repetitive nature of some content makes the book tedious to read.

  • Excessive focus on selling the author’s brand products in the second half of the book.

Best quotes from ‘Young Forever’

“And this is just by applying three simple lifestyle habits: don’t smoke, stay at your ideal weight, and exercise.“ 
“Her secrets to longevity: Do not be jealous or angry, take walks, do not stress about life, and live in gratitude.“ 
“The point is not to live longer but to live better, not just to add more years to your life but to add more life to your years.“

Final takeaway

Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life’ by Dr. Mark Hyman presents a comprehensive exploration of anti-ageing strategies, covering key aspects such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep.

This book may still appeal to individuals seeking a holistic approach to ageing and who are willing to sift through the repetitive sections. It is recommended for those interested in exploring the connections between lifestyle choices and the potential for rejuvenation and vitality in their lives.

Where to buy

You may purchase ‘Young Forever’ on Amazon at the best price. It is available in Kindle, paperback, hardcover and audio versions, so you are free to choose the format that suits you best.

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Individuals interested in exploring the connections between lifestyle choices and ageing reversal, and those seeking a holistic approach to healthy living and longevity.

GoodReads reviewers express scepticism about the supplement recommendations in the book, saying there isn't enough research to support them.

The information is presented in the book in an accessible and engaging way, so people new to the topic won't find it overly complicated. However, some parts might seem a bit repetitive.

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