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Anti-Inflammatory Diet Solution by Stig Bengmark

This book provides a scientifically informed approach to reducing inflammation and improving overall health through lifestyle changes.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Solution

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Inflammation has a subtle but pervasive influence on human health from multiple angles. This biological response, once a guardian against infection and injury, has been revealed as a common trigger for an array of diseases, from cardiovascular ailments to cognitive decline. As medical understanding deepens, the spotlight turns to strategies for busting the destructive effects of inflammation.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the work of the renowned Swedish doctor Stig Bengmark – ‘Anti-Inflammatory Diet Solution.’ This book aims to address the intricate interplay between inflammation, dietary choices, and lifestyle adjustments, offering readers a roadmap to a more vibrant, inflammation-free life.

Author’s background

Professor Stig Bengmark, M.D., Ph.D., is a pioneering figure in Swedish medical circles.

Professor Stig Bengmark (r)

For more than three decades, Bengmark has delved into the effects of gut bacteria on overall well-being. Well before the concept gained widespread attention, he was well-acquainted with and personally embraced the advantages of an anti-inflammatory diet. Even at 90 years old, he remains active in giving lectures, writing, and contributing to his field.

What is the book about?

The book ‘Anti-Inflammatory Diet Solution’ by Professor Stig Bengmark offers a comprehensive and scientifically rigorous guide to achieving a longer and healthier life. Dr. Bengmark draws attention to the connection between our dietary habits and the rise of lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and Alzheimer’s disease, attributing them to chronic inflammation.

In this enlightening work, readers gain insights into the intricate relationship between chronic inflammation and chronic illnesses, and how these connections can influence our well-being. Dr. Bengmark dives into the principles of anti-inflammatory eating, emphasising the importance of healthy gut flora and lifestyle adjustments for overall health improvement. The author also touches on fasting and structured eating patterns, discussing their potential benefits beyond just addressing obesity.

Dr. Bengmark also addresses other factors that can influence inflammation reduction, elucidating the fundamental role of exercise, proper diet, and stress reduction as fundamental pillars for a healthier life.

Three key takeaways from ‘Anti-Inflammatory Diet Solution’

1Inflammation not only deteriorates your health but also the health of your offspring

Chronic inflammation, though subtle and challenging to detect, weakens the body and increases vulnerability to subsequent illnesses. Conditions like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer can emerge years after chronic inflammation sets in. The reason for different diseases emerging in different individuals remains unclear. Medications aren’t the solution; thousands of factors, largely non-genetic, contribute to chronic inflammation’s development.

These factors span generations – from a grandfather’s environment to a mother’s lifestyle during pregnancy and breastfeeding, impacting immune system programming. Inheritable ‘bad’ lifestyles contribute around 5%, while a mother’s lifestyle affects a baby’s health by 20-25%.

People often seek pharmaceutical relief but medication typically falls short in inflammation cases, leading to more prescriptions. Professor Bengmark asserts that changing one’s lifestyle is more effective than relying solely on medication, attributing chronic inflammation to the abandonment of ancestral lifestyles and diets.

2Dietary choices play a significant role in inflammation prevention and treatment

Dr. Bengmark shows his strong support for the fact that habits play a bigger role in human health when compared to genetics. For this reason, the author dedicates a significant part of the book to exploring how dietary choices influence the development or reduction of inflammation.

The book delves into the negative effects of overindulgence in various foods that contain too much fat and sugar. Dr. Bengmark warns readers about the excessive consumption of sugar and the impact of refined industrial sugar. The negative effects of sugar-like foods and their link to serious health problems are highlighted.

The book provides nutritional habits that have the potential to decrease inflammation in the body, including fasting, consumption of a wide variety of plant-based foods and healthy fats like omega-3.

3Exercise and stress control are keys to managing inflammation

Engaging in physical activity can help reduce inflammation. What is even better, is that your training sessions do not have to be very long. Studies have shown that twenty minutes of moderate exercise is very efficient for busting inflammation. By combating inflammation, regular physical activity offers a multitude of health benefits, including a lower risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes, heart attacks, depression, and cancer. It also releases mood-enhancing hormones, enhances enthusiasm for daily tasks, and improves sleep quality.

Stress, a significant cause of illness, unleashes hormones that damage the immune system and gut microbiome. Stress hormones disrupt gut bacteria balance, leading to harmful bacterial growth, which in turn contributes to inflammation development. Managing stress is one of the three fundamental pillars of anti-inflammatory habits, along with diet and exercise, offering holistic well-being and countering the harmful effects of modern dietary habits.

Strengths and weaknesses, according to readers’ reviews


  • Maintains a balance between scientific and practical information without overwhelming the reader.

  • Offers practical guidance for adopting an anti-inflammatory way of life.

  • Includes healthy recipes that aim to soothe inflammation.

  • Dr. Bengmark’s writing is user-friendly and appropriate for individuals with varying levels of expertise in nutrition and medical matters.


  • While the book does emphasise the importance of stress management, it could potentially benefit from more detailed strategies and practical tips for effectively reducing stress in daily life.

Best quotes from ‘Anti-Inflammatory Diet Solution’

“It is indisputable today that the intestinal flora’s composition has strong bearing on our health.”
“Chronic inflammation is particularly discreet and often very difficult to identify.”
“An excess of sugar or sugar-like foods creates serious health problems.”
“Obesity is caused by inflammation, and everything that causes inflammation effectively contributes to obesity.”

Final takeaway

In ‘Anti-Inflammatory Diet Solution’, Professor Stig Bengmark presents a profound and accessible guide to fostering a longer and healthier life. With his profound background in medicine, Bengmark delves into the intricate relationship between inflammation and chronic diseases. This book offers valuable insights into the key role of dietary choices, exercise, and stress management in preventing and managing inflammation.

Anyone seeking to understand the profound impact of inflammation on health and to embrace actionable lifestyle changes for its control should certainly read this enlightening work.

Where to buy

You may purchase ‘Anti-Inflammatory Diet Solution’ on Amazon at the best price. It is available in Kindle and hardcover versions, so you may choose an option that appeals to you the most.

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Professor Stig Bengmark's extensive background in medicine and research lends credibility to the information presented. With a focus on scientific research and practical advice, the book provides valuable insights into inflammation and its impact on health, making it a reliable resource for readers looking to address inflammation-related issues.

Diet is an important aspect of inflammation reduction. The book offers practical advice on dietary choices that can help decrease inflammation, such as incorporating a variety of plant-based foods, healthy fats like omega-3, and fasting.

Not at all. Professor Bengmark's writing is approachable and suitable for individuals of different background knowledge levels. Whether you are a healthcare professional looking to deepen your understanding or someone new to the topic, the book's balanced approach and user-friendly language make it accessible to a wide range of readers.

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