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Tomato: A Powerful Health Booster

Tomatoes contain important nutrients and will keep your body in top condition.


It was only in the 16th century that Europeans became familiar with tomatoes. Throughout southern Europe, tomatoes quickly came into use in the kitchen however resistance grew as they moved north. Wealthy people of that time used cutlery made from tin, which contains high levels of lead. Foods high in acid, such as tomatoes, caused lead to get into the food, which causes lead poisoning and death. The poor people who ate from plates made of wood had no such problem and therefore had no fear of tomatoes. In fact, this is the reason why, until the 1800s, tomatoes were only eaten by the poorer population.

Tomato – Nutrition facts

Tomatoes are low in calories, have a small amount of protein, almost no fat, and small amount of carbs. Tomatoes are have a low sugar content, low fibre and low glycemic index which is positive for your blood glucose level.


Fortunately, modern people do not have this problem, so we can eat tomatoes without fear of poisoning or death.

Tomatoes: The Positives

Tomatoes are really beneficial for maintaining and developing good overall health. Add tomatoes to your daily diet to enjoy all of their magical properties.

1Protects the immune system

Due to the fact that tomatoes contain lycopene, they may serve as a decent antioxidant that fights molecules called free radicals that damage your cells and affect your immune system. Lycopene cannot be synthesized by the human body, it may only be received with food consumption. Tomatoes contain from 5 to 50 mg depending on their type. By including tomatoes in the diet you are less likely to acquire such illnesses as lung, stomach, or prostate cancer.

2Influences blood vessels and the heart positively

When including tomatoes in your diet you are becoming less likely to succumb to a stroke. Their consumption eases inflammation, boosts the immune system, and keeps blood from clotting – all of these aspects have a sheer effect in terms of stroke prevention. These mesmerizing results including lowering of blood pressure, relaxing blood vessels, and cell damage prevention are caused by two key nutrients tomatoes have – lycopene and potassium.

According to this 2019 study high-intakes of lycopene are associated with significant reductions in the risk of stroke (26%), mortality (37%) and cardiovascular diseases (14%).

3Helps with blood clotting and wound healing

Tomatoes are a source of vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting and wound healing. There is also a piece of growing evidence that vitamin K can be beneficial for bones and cardiovascular health as it takes part in the carboxylation of many bone-related proteins and regulates bone reabsorption.

4Works better than eyedrops or blue light filter glasses

Tomatoes contain lutein and zeaxanthin, they serve as a natural eye-protector from blue light produced by devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. They also may help to reduce eye pain and soothe headaches caused by eyestrain.

5Protects lungs from damage

Tomatoes may be helpful for people who have asthma and may help prevent emphysema, a condition that slowly damages the air sacs in your lungs. That may be because lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, among other antioxidants, fight the harmful substances in tobacco smoke, which is the leading cause of emphysema.

6Treats mouth cavity illnesses

A study launched to investigate the role of tomatoes in decreasing the risk of disease development related to oxidative stress, revealed striking results. By testing two groups of people it was proved that lycopene is an effective treatment for patients with periodontal disease. Lycopene blocks the production of free reactive oxygen species which may lead to molecular damage. In sum, by including tomatoes in your diet you can make your smile healthier and more attractive.

7Reduces menopause symptoms

In 2015 a study by the Nutrition Journal found that consuming tomato juice helps to ease some of the symptoms of menopause in middle-aged women, such as anxiety, resting energy expenditure, and heart rate.

8Works as a sunscreen

Lycopene is the major carotenoid that is involved in the light-protection system in plants. It vastly contributes to the prevention of UV damage radiation and protects your skin from photoageing and wrinkles. This is another reason why you should include tomatoes in your diet.

Tomatoes: The Downsides

Tomatoes are generally well-tolerated and tomato allergy is not frequent. However there are a few aspects of the fruit that should be acknowledged.

May cause allergy

People allergic to grass pollen are more likely to suffer from tomato intolerance. This condition is called pollen-food allergy syndrome or oral-allergy syndrome. In oral-allergy syndrome, your immune system attacks fruit and vegetable proteins that are similar to pollen, this leads to allergic reactions like itching in the mouth cavity, scratchy throat, or swelling of the mouth or throat.

May damage enamel

Eating up to 2 tomatoes daily, about 50-100 grams of raw tomatoes can meet the human body’s daily vitamin intake, plant fibre, and minerals.

But if you are an avid tomato eater, you’d better be prepared for some unpleasant consequences that may take place. Lots of raw tomatoes can damage the enamel on your teeth because of the high amount of acid and brushing soon afterwards can make that even worse. It’s a good idea to wait at least 30 minutes before you brush your teeth. Keep your eye on these pieces of advice if you want a healthy smile.

Fun & curious facts about tomatoes

  • La Tomatina is an annual festival in Spain, where people throw 150,000 tomatoes at each other. Sounds messy!

  • Believe it or not, tomatoes are not always red. They can be yellow, pink, purple, black, and even white!

  • The largest recorded tomato was planted in Minnesota, the USA, in 2014. It weighed 3.8kg (8.41 pounds). The tomato was so big and heavy that the farmer even had to use women’s pantyhose to secure it to the stem.

  • Tomato seedlings have been grown in space before! In 1984, 12.5 million tomato seeds were left in space onboard a unique satellite. After 6 years, astronauts on the Space Shuttle Columbia recovered the satellite and brought the tomato seeds back to Earth.

Tomatoes in the Blue Zones

Sardinia is on the list of the only 5 regions in the entire world that are referred to as Blue Zones. It is a picturesque island located in the Mediterranean Sea. The life expectancy rate in Italy is 82 years whereas some Sardinians are over 102 years old and are still leading an active lifestyle.

Sardinian’s secret of longevity is in the products they consume. They mostly have plant-based diets and one of the gems is their Sardinian tomatoes. Posardi tomatoes are believed to be a source of their enduring lives. So besides trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, try to add this type of tomato to your diet!

Tomatoes. Experiment by our expert

We introduce one of our Healthypedia personal testers. Michael Freeman is a big health enthusiast, in a great shape in his 50, and metabolically healthy! Michael uses a monitor which measures reaction of his body on food, exercises, stress, you name it. Here is his feedback and result.
Tomatoes. Experiment by our expert Nutrition
Blood glucose

I like tomatoes. My favourite salad is a tomato salad with tomatoes, creme fraiche, salt and pepper. Simple, quick and I could eat it almost without limits. Testing tomatoes was easy. And the result of the test is self-explanatory . 9 out of 10. No negative impact on my blood glucose level and insulin response accordingly. Time to have my favourite salad again 🙂

Healthypedia - Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman Health and Longevity Enthusiast, 50

What’s the conclusion?

Tomato is a gemstone among the variety of fruit and vegetables available to us. This fruit has an enormous impact on human health, improves eyesight, lowers the risk of stroke, reduces menopause symptoms, and serves as an immune system booster. You will not regret adding this tasty buddy to your diet!

However, be aware of allergies and do not overdo it. Maybe the right portion of tomatoes per day will make you a centenarian worthy of a Blue Zone area.

Not enough? Here is more from our colleagues!

In this video Derek Simnett from the SimnettNutrition YouTube channel, Certified Nutritional Practitioner will tell you the benefits of tomatoes and why you should include them in your life.

Healthypedia FAQ

Eat 1-2 tomatoes a day to ensure maximum benefits. Also, do not forget to consume tomatoes with their skin. The skin of tomatoes is rich in phytochemicals which are important for our bodies.

The best tomatoes should be entirely free of spots and bruises. A good tomato is firm enough to resist pressure, but not so hard that it doesn't react to your touch. Smell the tomato up by the stem, it should have a strong, sweet, earthy scent.

The way tomatoes are cooked varies from frying to tomato soup. You can make whatever you like: sauté, roast, broil grill, stew and steam, and prepare tomato gratin or stuffed tomatoes. Enjoy!

According to popular belief, tomatoes should never be kept in a fridge. But a study debunks this myth, it shows that the genetic background of tomatoes has a greater influence on flavour than home storage conditions. But if you have a lot of tomatoes and don’t want to eat them all in one go, they can be simply stored in a paper bag on the vegetable storage shelf in the fridge, to stay fresh.

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