Fitness Age biological age test

What Is Fitness Age And Why Is It So Important For Your Healthspan?

Explaining our advanced methodology of Fitness Age to forecast and promote your longevity and healthspan.
fitness age report how to read your result

Decoding Fitness Age Results: How To Read Your Report

A comprehensive guide to interpreting your Fitness Age results in each category.

Why You Should Know Your Body Composition

What is body composition, why is it more telling than BMI, and why do we keep focusing on fat?

Push-Ups And Age – What’s Going On When We Age And Why

What happens with your muscles when you age? And how push-up capacity can explain your age and muscle strength?

Push-Up Test As Your Muscle Strength Indicator. What Is It And How Is It Measured?

All the basics you need to know about push-ups test. An easy way to assess and boost your health, endurance and muscle strength.

What is Fitness Age & Different Ways To Measure It

Everything you need to know about fitness age & how to measure it.

Seven Ways To Develop And Maintain Flexibility And Mobility

Flexibility and mobility are essential for maintaining a healthy body and preventing injuries. Find out how you can improve them both.
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Strength Of Your Core: Why It’s Essential And How To Test It

Core strength is essential to your health and well-being. But do you include it in your training program? If not, here's why you should.
Fitness Age Testing Protocol. 10 steps in 10 minutes

Fitness Age Testing Protocol For Coaches: 10 steps in 10 minutes

For unbiased and accurate fitness age measurements, you should follow a set of rules when you undergo the fitness age test.
flexibility and mobility

Flexibility & Mobility: Why Do They Matter?

Flexibility and mobility are very different, yet essential in daily life. Let's find out why both are critical to your health.
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