Our mission

At Healthypedia, we are devoted to providing unbiased and comprehensive knowledge about health and longevity. We want to create a community of people who are interested in improving their healthspan and quality of life with correct nutrition, available activities, social connections and proven knowledge. We're not involved in commercial partnerships and share only scientific based information or stories from our own experience.

The 7 Principles
of Healthypedia


We focus on longevity and long-term health improvements. There are plenty of other fascinating topics, but we care about health and lifespan the most. And we are good at writing about it.


We encourage our readers to change their lives for better. Without an actual implementation all this knowledge is useless. Everyone is our team does it and enjoys the process. Join and improve your well-being with us.

Practical & Realistic

We take into account the life challenges experienced by many: money spent, family budget limitations, time restrictions etc. We strive to give as much practical advices and recommendations as possible.

Fact-checked & Science-based

All the facts in our articles are up to data and checked. We explain health processes through the relevant research, and use the sources we trust.

Human for Human

Written by our team of authors, checked by professionals and field experts, tested by real people. Technology is improving fast, but it is not able substitute and express authentic human experience. Healthypedia is about people and people only.

Always on the readers side

We don’t take money to advertise products, food or services. Any recommendations that we make are honest opinions and objective reviews. Well, not quite – we are always on our readers side.

Verified by us

We implement the healthy mindset and lifetyle which we promote in our own lives. There is a personal knowledge behind many of our stories.

Our experts

Our authors

Anna Scheucher

Anna Scheucher is a personal trainer, professional nutritionist, medical massage therapist, and writer with the goal of making science-based health, fitness, and wellness more understandable and accessible for everyone.

Diana Nelson

Diana Nelson is Healthypedia's nutrition expert with experience in weight management and great knowledge of proper food choices. She writes about various topics and covers our special projects.

Doug Ross

Doug has a BSc in Nutritional Sciences. He's a passionate traveler who loves to experience different cultures through food, and enjoys helping people by providing clarity and support in making informed decisions about diet and lifestyle.

Holly McHugh

After receiving her BSc in Biological Sciences, Holly pursued a career in scientific health writing. She worked as an Editorial Assistant for a health-focused science communication company, and as a Communications Executive for a not-for-profit organisation, The Society for Endocrinology.

Liam Rodgers

Liam is a 9-year veteran writer and digital communications specialist in health, fitness, and high performance sport. He’s worn a lot of hats: coach, professional writer, and competitive athlete.

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