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What type of milk is common for the diet of Loma Linda long-livers

Why Is Calcium Important For Health?

Calcium is fundamental for maintaining strong bones and facilitating vital bodily functions.
seafood zinc

Why Do You Need Zinc?

Zinc is a vital mineral with widespread roles in human health, from immune function to bone structure and sensory perception.

Why Is It Important To Lose Excess Fat?

Numerous studies have shown that belly fat is linked to an increased risk of chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

SuperAging by David Cravit

This book transforms the way we approach growing older with practical guidance for a vibrant and fulfilling life.
Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure

Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure by Gary L. Schwartz

Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure offers clear explanations and actionable steps to understand, manage, and prevent hypertension.
True Age

True Age by Morgan Levine

This book presents cutting-edge research to help turn back the clock.
Younger You

Younger You by Kara N. Fitzgerald

Younger You by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald offers a science-backed roadmap to reverse biological ageing through practical lifestyle changes.
The Survival Paradox

The Survival Paradox by Isaac Eliaz

Discover how to unleash your body's natural healing abilities through a transformed survival response, gaining insights and techniques for vibrant health.
The Secret Body

The Secret Body by Daniel M. Davis

This book explores recent breakthroughs in human biology and technology, offering accessible insights into the frontiers of scientific research and their potential impact on human health.
The Science and Technology of Growing Young

The Science and Technology of Growing Young by Sergey Young

This book explores the future of longevity science, bridging practical health advice with groundbreaking technology and inspiring readers to rethink ageing.
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