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Active Life

Pilates for Everyone

Pilates for Everyone by Micki Havard

This book by Micki Harvard serves to adapt the classical Pilates method, ensuring its accessibility to all, while preserving its core principles.
Rest + Calm

Rest + Calm by Paula Hines

Embrace relaxation and well-being through the restorative yoga and mindfulness practices presented in the book ‘Rest + Calm.’
Science of HIIT

Science of HIIT by Ingrid S. Clay

Find out more about the flexibility of HIIT and the benefits it can bring to physical and mental health.
Healthy Bones Healthy You!

Healthy Bones Healthy You! by Lara Pizzorno

‘Healthy Bones Healthy You!’ is an in-depth guide that will help you protect and strengthen your bones for a vibrant and healthy life.
Science of Running

Science of Running by Chris Napier, PhD

Discover how the intricate dance between biomechanics and physiology transforms runners into efficient and injury-resistant athletes.
Moving Through Cancer

Moving Through Cancer by Dr. Kathryn Schmitz

Learn about the power of exercise in cancer treatment with 'Moving Through Cancer,' defying traditional beliefs and transforming the way we approach the disease.
The joy of movement

The Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal, PhD

Not a fan of exercise? Discover the hidden joys of physical activity and unlock the secrets of the mind-body connection in ‘The Joy of Movement’.
Move the Body, Heal the Mind

Move the Body, Heal the Mind by Jennifer Heisz, PhD

'Move the Body, Heal the Mind' beautifully uncovers the magic of how physical activity can transform the human psyche.
The Miracle of Flexibility

The Miracle of Flexibility by Miranda Esmonde-White

Discover the path to pain-free living and optimal mobility with our review of 'The Miracle of Flexibility'.
walking for health

Take Your Steps Toward An Active Life

Make big changes with small steps: start walking to improve your health today.
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